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We are seriously only ONE MONTH & ONE DAY away from our Wedding!

Writer's Block: Best video of the year

What's the best music video of 2010?

Thinking 'Bout Somethin' by Hanson - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmG0DqhfDbY

Who's more in the know about Pop Culture than her? NOMINATE @lurvjessica - http://tj.mtv.com/open-nomination/ #zyncmtvtj

25.f from Indiana, has loving familia, amazing friends, and I have a really special boy in my life. [patrick♥]. I am a Caregiver to my Grandmother and an owner of an Antique Booth. A music lover & concert goer [Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota - YES I travel for my music, I save & plan for these trips]. I'm kind of cute, silly, creative, funny (looking, haha), laughable, paranoid, crazy, sensitive, musically untalented (but slowly learning not to be although I can read music, play the clarinet & own an acoustic guitar), I am passionate about music, I just wish I learned how to play haha, insane, embarrassing, loud, emotional, unusual, bouncy, hyper, likes to sing karaoke, dance like no ones watching, basically a playful kind of a girl. I also promote some of my favorite bands through the street teams and just on my own. This would be a wonderful thing to be involved with!

This is an amazing opportunity & I would do such a great job!

A nomination from you couldn't hurt! Thank you!


Can I just state that I am having Disney World withdrawls worse than normal... ugh. It had been 2 years since I've been to the world and it's killing me. Refurbs are finished, new things are there and I need to go! The atmosphere is enough... Right now and the pass few days I have been listening to http://subsonicradio.com all day at work. Disney Audios, ride throughs, park sounds, songs. It just makes me happy.


I got an email, as did my Mama about Discounts on Resorts etc. and then my Me decided to send me her email too thinking I didn't already get them haha. I know sure she, my Dad and brothers want to go just as badly as I do. But I also talk about it constantly haha.


Anyways... anyone else going through withdrawls? Let's comment eachother haha.

hansonmusic  Rockn some tracks on good friend weird al's new record. --Taylor http://yfrog.com/1y67875051j 5 minutes ago from Tweetie

Al Yankovic alyankovic http://twitpic.com/zw3l8 - Mr. Taylor Hanson laying down some keyboard tracks for me in the studio 9 minutes ago from TwitPic Retweeted by you and 9 others

New Digital Camera

I want a new digital camera. Suggestions?
I want it mostly for better concert pictures, b/c mine come out
so blurry or when I zoom all the way out it's blurry.
I'm looking into Canon's or Nikon's.
ALSO I want it to be a normal digital cam size, nothing
big & fancy with parts etc. My camera does not like me!

SO I wanna meet the Jonas Brothers this weekend, it's been 2yrs
since we last seen each other (m&g - not concert wise), but I don't
know the first  thing about being a creeper. Ooh well.
LoL Do I have any AllState Arena
connections in the house? haha.

It'll still be fun to be in Chicago with my Honey & spending some time together!
Who else is going?

1] Your lame for thinking I give a crap about you & everyone else on the plant making fun of the boy band "shitty" music I listen to & love so dearly. Like your the first to come up w/ all the shit you say, please. Everyone loves what they love & who are you to be the big all mighty on whats good and whats bad? Who.Gives.A.Fuck.

2] I am well educated thank you very much, just because I suck at math means nothing, and is of no harm to me or you, so stfu. Everyone has a subject they are not their best at. Is it wrong to be a dream instead of a scholar?

3] I work 2 jobs, how about you? Is it wrong for me to complain about not having money when a paycheck is late & I was saving it for something fun I wanted to do? Yeah, I'm gonna be upset if it's late, naturally you would be too. Again, who cares if its a "tweens concert" you love who you love. People have an influence on you & you cant help but be apart of something bigger & more exciting. Get over it.

4] I can be a jerk about my Fiancé's ex girlfriends if I want too. You do it too I'm sure, in fact I've heard you. Everyone does it, who cares? I also DO NOT tell him he isn't allowed to talk to her, they were best friends after they broke up & she was the one talking to him being an idiot & trying to break us up b/c she was jealous I had her dream. He chooses not to talk to or associate with her, that is NONE of my doing. So watch your mouth. I do not make my Finance do anything, he does it all himself. BTW - he hates them, their family, and friends, why wtf would he want to talk to someone who was sabotaging his relationship? Trust me, being friends w/ an ex's family isn't extremely uncomfortable, and why its your business what we share/shared with each other. You're friends with who you love. Who wants to be friends w/ someone who wants to ruin your life? No one. You're stupid if you do.

5] I have my own apartment & everything I need, I do it all on my own, not that it's any of your business.

6] One person in particular, your new boyfriend needs to stop coming up to us & saying Hello & "I don't hate ya man..." blah blah blah after "threatening" to beat my guy up b/c your girlfriend lies to you about how he treated her. Your a uncomfortable dud, who no one personally likes. Why some of the people we know tolerate you, we'll never know.

7] Stop letting your man steal money from you. That's not right, he isn't a good guy. & start hanging with your friends again, no one likes a person who ditches everyone 24/7 for their significant others.

8] Why are you so interested in our lives? You have your own, start living it. Your incredibly boring, all your friends say so. When your out w/ your new man, stop staring at us or purposely walking by MY FIANCE to see if you catch his eye. You don't, trust me.

9] We laugh about you guys all the time. We're quite amused at how awkward you all are.

10] I'm still not sorry I "have your dream." LMAO best conversation ever had. Now it's my dream & I'm living it baby!

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Dj BeeZer
Date: Dec 5, 2007 9:55 PM

Your right it was all true. Especially the knockin boots part. lol
i work till 5 then i have a going away bowling party at 6...then i have a hockey game at 10...so ill probably wont be able to do anything....ill see if she wants to.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: jESSiCA ♥
Date: 05/12/2007

lmfao! just because you were wasted doenst make it not trrruuueeee haha. exceptthe knockin boots part. lmfao. ill admitt NOT wasted that i've been seriously thinking of you for months, b/c i miss my best fwiend MEABs! awww. sweetness haha. anyways, patrick will be driving me tomorrow, and we got a hotel near the Van Andel. What were your plans for the day/night? B/c if you & your lady are seriously available for like eating or a few drinks or something, let me know. i'd really love to see you! let me know... ill probably call you when i get into grand rapids tomorrow or after my concert (starts at 7pm). so if you feel like doing anything, let me know! (insert my phone # here)
xox, Jessica
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Dj BeeZer
Date: Dec 5, 2007 3:53 PM

lmfao sorry about that...i was wasted....gimme a call or whatever...the weather is nice up here

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: jESSiCA ♥
Date: 05/12/2007

Hahaha... your silly! But the weather down in Indiana BLOWS! It started snowing last night and we have like 2-4in just laying here benig stupid. I'm thinking that Patrick S. is going to drive me just because Indiana weather blows. But yes my concert is tomorrow (Thursday 12/6), and depending on the weather, which will probably still be dumb like it is right now, Pat & I might just get a hotel. I was going to let you know so if by chance you & your lady were free after my concert, we could meet up for a while or something. I really wanted to see you since we haven't talked in so long. Maybe I'll write you or call you later tonight & give you details on if I get ahotel or not. Peace out!

xox, Jess

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Dj BeeZer
Date: Dec 4, 2007 9:37 PM

:0 so are you coming alone or not? i need to know to prepare if we knock boots....
but if not then let me know...cause i cant stop thinking about you...for months you been on my mind......i'm serious
its not so bad anymore weather wise....

write me back please....ill cya later
so please vote!?
vote 9 or 10!

pllleeaaasssee!? & thank you!
much lurv!