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1] Your lame for thinking I give a crap about you & everyone else on the plant making fun of the boy band "shitty" music I listen to & love so dearly. Like your the first to come up w/ all the shit you say, please. Everyone loves what they love & who are you to be the big all mighty on whats good and whats bad? Who.Gives.A.Fuck.

2] I am well educated thank you very much, just because I suck at math means nothing, and is of no harm to me or you, so stfu. Everyone has a subject they are not their best at. Is it wrong to be a dream instead of a scholar?

3] I work 2 jobs, how about you? Is it wrong for me to complain about not having money when a paycheck is late & I was saving it for something fun I wanted to do? Yeah, I'm gonna be upset if it's late, naturally you would be too. Again, who cares if its a "tweens concert" you love who you love. People have an influence on you & you cant help but be apart of something bigger & more exciting. Get over it.

4] I can be a jerk about my Fiancé's ex girlfriends if I want too. You do it too I'm sure, in fact I've heard you. Everyone does it, who cares? I also DO NOT tell him he isn't allowed to talk to her, they were best friends after they broke up & she was the one talking to him being an idiot & trying to break us up b/c she was jealous I had her dream. He chooses not to talk to or associate with her, that is NONE of my doing. So watch your mouth. I do not make my Finance do anything, he does it all himself. BTW - he hates them, their family, and friends, why wtf would he want to talk to someone who was sabotaging his relationship? Trust me, being friends w/ an ex's family isn't extremely uncomfortable, and why its your business what we share/shared with each other. You're friends with who you love. Who wants to be friends w/ someone who wants to ruin your life? No one. You're stupid if you do.

5] I have my own apartment & everything I need, I do it all on my own, not that it's any of your business.

6] One person in particular, your new boyfriend needs to stop coming up to us & saying Hello & "I don't hate ya man..." blah blah blah after "threatening" to beat my guy up b/c your girlfriend lies to you about how he treated her. Your a uncomfortable dud, who no one personally likes. Why some of the people we know tolerate you, we'll never know.

7] Stop letting your man steal money from you. That's not right, he isn't a good guy. & start hanging with your friends again, no one likes a person who ditches everyone 24/7 for their significant others.

8] Why are you so interested in our lives? You have your own, start living it. Your incredibly boring, all your friends say so. When your out w/ your new man, stop staring at us or purposely walking by MY FIANCE to see if you catch his eye. You don't, trust me.

9] We laugh about you guys all the time. We're quite amused at how awkward you all are.

10] I'm still not sorry I "have your dream." LMAO best conversation ever had. Now it's my dream & I'm living it baby!