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Can I just state that I am having Disney World withdrawls worse than normal... ugh. It had been 2 years since I've been to the world and it's killing me. Refurbs are finished, new things are there and I need to go! The atmosphere is enough... Right now and the pass few days I have been listening to http://subsonicradio.com all day at work. Disney Audios, ride throughs, park sounds, songs. It just makes me happy.


I got an email, as did my Mama about Discounts on Resorts etc. and then my Me decided to send me her email too thinking I didn't already get them haha. I know sure she, my Dad and brothers want to go just as badly as I do. But I also talk about it constantly haha.


Anyways... anyone else going through withdrawls? Let's comment eachother haha.