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Who's more in the know about Pop Culture than her? NOMINATE @lurvjessica - http://tj.mtv.com/open-nomination/ #zyncmtvtj

25.f from Indiana, has loving familia, amazing friends, and I have a really special boy in my life. [patrick♥]. I am a Caregiver to my Grandmother and an owner of an Antique Booth. A music lover & concert goer [Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota - YES I travel for my music, I save & plan for these trips]. I'm kind of cute, silly, creative, funny (looking, haha), laughable, paranoid, crazy, sensitive, musically untalented (but slowly learning not to be although I can read music, play the clarinet & own an acoustic guitar), I am passionate about music, I just wish I learned how to play haha, insane, embarrassing, loud, emotional, unusual, bouncy, hyper, likes to sing karaoke, dance like no ones watching, basically a playful kind of a girl. I also promote some of my favorite bands through the street teams and just on my own. This would be a wonderful thing to be involved with!

This is an amazing opportunity & I would do such a great job!

A nomination from you couldn't hurt! Thank you!