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charmed, i'm sure.

jessica money
31 August 1984
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Sup fools? I'm Jessica. Jessica the Great to the rest of you.
I'm 24yrs old, yeah I know, that is my real age as much as you
don't think I look that old. haha, awesome. I'm kind of cute,
silly, creative, funny (looking, haha, not really, I always build up my own
confidence to the extremes. haa.) I'm laughable, paranoid, crazy,
sensitive, musically untalented (but slowly learning not to be) although
I can read music, I use to play the clarinet & own an acoustic guitar,
and am currently getting my keyboard back. I'm insane, embarrassing,
loud, emotional, unusual, bouncy, hyper, playful kind of a girl.
.completely child-like. There is ALWAYS time to be silly! It's
easy to make me laugh, I lurv to laugh and I think I smile way too much
(but that's just me). I'm a friendly person, whether you know me or not.
I don't like to hurt people's feelings and I try to make everyone
happy, but I need to work on saying "NO!" because it's alil'
difficult at times. But I am also pretty emotional about stuff,
stupid or not, so please be kind! I hate spiders & most veggies,
I love when I have my pink hair, I don't want to get rid of it,
but I always have too eventually, then it comes right back a
few months later. I hate the cha-cha slide song with a passion,
I'm a big kid at heart, and very much spend my time at home
watching cartoons or movies. I don't enjoy when older men/gross
men talk to me at the bar, no offense but I don't want to talk
to you, you freak me out. On that note: I am currently engaged
to my guy Patrick, he is in the Army National Guard. I am new
to this Army stuff so anyone with advice or willing to maybe
let me ask some questions, please feel free to add me! So you
Internet Stalkers back up haha! I like driving around for no
reason, I hate driving on the highway, I love singing really
loud & really badly when in my car, but I seem to amuse ppl. Sad
thing is, I do it at the bars too...sorry! I am actually considered
quite the "Karaoke Star" in my neighborhood. Awesome. Chicago
is pretty fun, I am considered Chicagoland Area yet I live in
Indiana. I'm told I do a good impression of " The Elaine Dance "
maybe you'll witness it someday. I don't want an internet boyfriend,
so please don't ask me. I can be a pretty cool girl to get to know.
And I really want to be Betty Boop... yes. I really do. I hope
I explained myself well enough, as this is my first entry, but
won't be my last. w00t!

How goes it? I needed a get-to-know-Jessica short, because yeah...
If I interest you, you will want to add me to your Friends List.
Niiicce. Thanks for reading.

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Hanson Fan since 97' w00t!

Took the Walk 9/30/07
"The first band you really fall in love with is more than just music." - Taylor Hanson

I am such a huge Jonas Brothers Fan.
7.15.07 8.13.07 (1st M&G) 9.6.07 (Radio Shout Out) 9.9.07 (2nd M&G)
10.22.07 12.6.07 12.8.07 (3rd M&G) 12.9.07 2.16.08 2.21.08 2.22.08 7.6.08 7.23.08 8.24.08

Selena Gomez fan! She's adorable! Great Role Model!

Met Drake Bell, 8/21/06 in California

Mickey Mouse Fan, since birth, duh. I'm a full blown spoiled Disney kid!

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Jiminy Cricket - Make Mine Music
Kevin Jonas (Camp Rock) - Nick Jonas (Camp Rock)
Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place)

Slinky Dog (Toy Story) Disney Blogcrew

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