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please help?

Give me a 10 for Best Couple, I want to win a Travelocity gift card to take my guy on a trip before he leaves Active Army! Please help? Thank you!

Hmm, so my first post here was awhile ago, lik ethe beginning of the year.
My guy was thinking of Volunteering to go to Iraq. We hear his Unit might have to go
anyways early next year but we aren’t sure b/c they suck at getting back to him.
Anyways, now he is thinking the best thing for him is going Active Army.

He said he will most likely pay for me to fly out to see him if I don’t drive,
which is cool. So his options of where he’d like to go is Fort Knox Kentucky
or Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland. My question is kinda dumb, but just curious
from those of you who live there or have been there, what kind of entertainment is
around those areas? What kind of fun or romantic thing are there
around to do? Any sports arenas/fields around? Museums/Zoos?
Anything. I just want to know things about the area, even though Active Army
is not something I am super excited for haha. Thank you!

xox, Jessica

That is what I posted in all the communities/groups I am in.
Ummmm same kinda questions, but also add in (if any) Tennessee Army Bases
because I am having a hell of a time finding any online to look at, BLLLAAARRFFF!
But anyways, it's going to happen, no more thinking he is going Active Army.
He got his papers today and will get them filled out/signed most  likely
Wednesday or sometime this week. I'M SAD & DON'T WANT HIM TO GO!
But I know it's best for him, so I'm gonna let him go. Haha, not "let him go"
but ya know what I mean! Anyways.................yeah. Not sure what else to
think about this business. So, yeah. I LOVE YOU PATRICK JAAAY!

lurv jessica money
and once again, i looovvveee you patrick jaaay!

Sooo I bought a new book last night, & finished it as well.
Yeah, I know it's a book for Middle Schoolers, but it was freakin
HILARIOUS! It was definately worth th epurchase, I need the rest of them now.

That was one o fmy favorite parts at the beginning of the book, bahaha. Excellent!
This 7th grader in the middle is Greg Heffley, writing in his JOUNRAL not DIARY.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney.
Check it ouuuuttt.

lurv jessica money
and NO, you can't borrow mine   ;D

this journal is friends only, meaning private.
very few posts are not private.
comment me and i will happily add you.
I've been lazy & keep forgetting to
post about this book I read a bit ago.
My bad.

Excellent book, I highly suggest checking it out.
It's now one of my favorite books. w00t!
Great work Tonya Hurley, you deserve all the awesomness
that is going on right now for gg.

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
And if I should die before I awake,
I pray the popular attend my wake."

lurv jessica money
and NO, you can't borrow mine   ;D

this journal is friends only, meaning private.
very few posts are not private.
comment me and i will happily add you.

Hotel/Town House Options
*whew* I'm frustrated with hotel searching...

Disney's Pop Century - $1,215 (Deposit: $151.88)
On Disney Property.
Standard Rm

Radisson Resort Orlando - Celebration - $808.56
Kissimmee, FL
1 King Bed/Smoking/Guest Rm

Orlando Vista Hotel at Lake Buena Vista - $741.30
(better deal from Hotels.com than the Website)
Downtown Disney
Deluxe 2 Bedrooms w/ Balcony

One-half mile from Downtown Disney, Two miles from DisneyQuest interactive
theme park, Cirque du Soleil and House of Blues, Complimentary shuttle service to theme parks
Two outdoor pools, Video arcade and game room, Restaurant and bar.

Suites of Old Town - $666.25
One Bedroom/Smoking
Visit the website for all the cool stuff we get!

Town of Legacy Park  - $844.11
2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Town Home

What to expect in each Town home: 1200 square feet of living space, 2 bed rooms 2.5 bath units, The master bedroom will come complete with a king bed and the second bedroom will be furnished with 2 single beds. Fully functional kitchen with all the appliances you will need to cook a huge
feast for your family. Each kitchen is equipped with all the pots, pans, dishes, silverware,
and cups you will need plus a microwave, range, dishwasher, and refrigerator
Each unit is 2 stories with all the bedroom located upstairs
Each unit has a washer and dryer which are free to us
All linens and a full set of towels are provided in each unit
2 TV’s in each unit with cable.

Hmmm... help?

Disney Restaurants to Try

Things for me to Remember, Old/New Things to Try & to talk to Pat about.
Thanks to WDWMagic.com for having Full Menus, this is exciting.

Aloha Isle in Adventureland/Magic Kingdom
Mmm to Pineapple Dole Whips!
Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies in Tomorrowland/Magic Kingdom
I'm down for Strawberry-Banana Smoothies
Pecos's Bill's Tall Tale Cafe in Frontierland/Magic Kingdom
Always an excellent place to eat. one of my favs.
Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland/Magic Kingdom
Looks interesting....
The Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland/Magic Kingdom
Mmmm, seriously. Citrus Swirl? Floats? Slush? I am there!
Tomorrowland Noodle Station (Seasonal) in Magic Kingdom
YUM! I love soup!

Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery in Animal Kingdom
I'm down for Fruit Cups, Sticky Bums & Rice Krispie Treats haha.

Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studios
Another place I frequent.

Mexican Margarita's in Mexico Pavilion/Epcot
...need I say more? Haha.
Electric Umbrella in Futureworld/Epcot
The Menu looks great!

Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Resort
Looks like tons of good eats!
ESPN Club at the Boardwalk Resort
Sounds like SO much fun!
Contemoprary Resort Concourse Steakhouse
Ummm...STEAK lol
Whispering Canyon Cafe Dinner at Fort Wilderness Lodge
Everything looks amazing. I assume Reservations would
have to be made since I am not a Guest at their Resort.

Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney
Also, always the best place to get some grub.
Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney
Kinda looks like something my guy would like.
House of Blues in Downtown Disney
Who doesn't love that place!? It looks & always smells so good, I haven't eaten
there yet, but I want like to. I hope they add more shows there
in December so Pat & I can see a concert!
Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney
Is always a treat. Cool movie memorabilla.

Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure/CityWalk
 Restaurants to Try

Nascar Sports Grille in CityWalk
Sounds amazing... "It's Just Tequila You Chicken" Soup? HAHA!
MargaritaVille in CityWalk
Mmm, that place is cool.
Hard Rock Cafe
Never a bad joint.
Pat O'Brien's
Sound pretty good.
NBA City
Sounds pretty good, but eh...basketball?
Latin Quarter
Crazy but interesting.
Pastamoré Ristorante & Market
Italian eatery, w00t!

Man sooo many new places to try! *WHEW* We're going to have look through
this together and pick out the places we want to eat at. We're awesome like that.
Haha, and not too picky. That's a lot to take in!

Extra info: We will be going at Christmas time (Dec 6th-17th 2008) so if there is any
Seasonal type places that I missed, let me know!

Any & all Suggestions or Input is Welcomed!
comment to be added, this journal is friends only!

"New,Questions, Advice, Stories?"

I posted this today on a few Military Support group forums, hoping that I can get some insight & also more things I should take into consideration if/when something like this should happen. I just wanted to post what I wrote so you guys can see it. Also if any Army National Guard/Military Girlfriends/Fiances/Wives are interested in Be-Friending me, feel free!

" Hello all, my name is Jessica. I am not sure how long I might be a member of this Community, I’m not sure if it would be right of me to join or not but I just had some questions, concerns about your Military men going to Iraq & stuff. I just want to know, what are the hardest parts? What do you do to get yourself through the days when you really miss him? How is he going to change? Will he even change? What should I expect when he comes back home? Just any and all info anyone would like to share.

I am engaged to a Army National Guardsmen, I was not dating him when he was in training etc., he was dating someone else at that time. That was about a year or two ago he joined. So I never had to go through any of that kind of stuff. Recently we were talking about how sometimes he thinks about volunteering to go to Iraq. But he didn’t want to because he would miss his friends & me way to much because it was difficult enough when he was in training, he doesn’t want to be gone for so long. Anyways, he asked me what I thought & I told him it was ultimately up to him what he wanted to do, which shocked him because no one had ever told him before that it was his decision, it was mostly about others feelings, not his. Anyways, long story short, he said he would think about it & if he was deciding on going he would talk to me about it first & we would decide together.

So I guess my reason for writing this is to just get an idea of what he & I might be going through if he did decide to go. I know a lot of nothing about this military stuff, would never do it but give crazy props to those who are amazing enough to do it. I guess I just need different points of view as to how I should think about everything etc. when we might actually have this talk, things I should consider besides the fact that "I’ll miss you like crazy while your gone!" and stuff. Thank you so much if anyone is willing to share some stories/info. God Bless all you wonderful women who have crazy brave Soldiers!

♥ Jessica 23/f/Indiana " 

So there you have it... I've gotten 2 replies back & they were pretty nice girls. I'm still deciding how I feel about this kind of stuff, but eh. Ultimately it is up to my Soldier & I'm down with whatever he decides to do. Thanks for readin. I've got nothing to spectacular to post at 5am haha. I'm going to bed now, Gnight!

 not all my posts are public, it's definately
go ahead & add me if ya like. i enjoy new friends.
...if you're lucky haha...

I'm Jessica Money, Charmed I'm Sure...

 you might also know me from my very first livejournal 
account kapushnik03 & now i am starting over. new stuff,
 different journal. it's all gravy baby! now onto the good stuff.

thanks to laugh-smile for the FO banner!

thanks to laugh-smile for the FO banner!

27.f from indiana, has loving familia, amazing fwiends, and i have a really special boy in my life. [patrick MY HUSBAND]. a music lover & concert goer [indiana, illinois, ohio, michigan, wisconsin, minnesota]. I'm kind of cute, silly, creative, funny (looking, haha), laughable, paranoid, crazy, sensitive, musically untalented (but slowly learning not to be although I can read music, play the clarinet & own an acoustic guitar), insane, embarrassing, loud, emotional, unusual, bouncy, hyper, likes to sing karaoke, dance like no ones watching, basically a playful kind of a girl. i watch a serious amount of cartoons & childrens television. i'm completely child-like.

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